‘I do my best’: Single father loses client for bringing daughter to work

Richard Miley and his daughter Ashtyn. Courtesy of Facebook

A single dad who lost a client for bringing his daughter to work is highlighting the struggles of parenting and childcare on social media.

Richard Miley of Texas posted in a community Facebook group that a woman “snapped” at him for showing up to wash her RV with his five-year-old daughter Ashtyn in tow. Miley, 28, works for a power washing company and said that ever since his child lost her mother, it’s too much for her to be in daycare.

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“All Seasons Powerwash had a job lined up for today, [and] when I showed up the lady asked if my daughter was going to be with me the whole time,” Miley wrote. “When I replied, ‘Yes, she comes with me everywhere,’ the lady snapped back, ‘Well you don’t need to come back here. A man needs to work and you need to learn that.'”
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Miley’s post in the Brazoria County community group continued: “First off, it’s not my fault my kids lost their mother, it’s not my fault my youngest took it pretty hard and acts out too much to be in a daycare consistently. But I do my best everyday to provide for my children.”

“I just want everyone to know if you do choose All Seasons Powerwash for any of our services, my five-year-old will be with me!!!”

Miley told Yahoo! News that he recently moved to Texas from Florida to take over his sister’s company. He told the outlet he gained full custody of Ashtyn in 2017 and started bringing her to jobs when daycare got too expensive.

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“People assume single dads don’t need as much help,” Miley told Yahoo! “Childcare is hard for guys, too.”

Miley said the child usually tags along while he supervises workers or does jobs, and helps hand out business cards. When he’s doing power washing, Ashtyn either sits in the car or inside the customer’s home, he said.

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Community members responded to Miley’s Facebook post with supportive messages and offers to watch his daughter.

“If you happen to need a sitter I’m available… I’m a stay-at-home mom or I could go on site with you and watch her,” one woman replied.

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“Sorry to hear your loss. At least you are showing her what it means to work to make a honest dollar,” replied another.

“You should be an inspiration to fathers everywhere! You’re a good dad,” another Facebook user wrote.

Miley told Yahoo! that most customers don’t mind that he brings his kid to jobs with him, and hadn’t had issues until last week. Since his post gained so much attention, he has been receiving more washing requests.

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