Special avalanche warning for backcountry B.C.

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Officials with Avalanche Canada issued a warning for B.C.’s interior mountain ranges Thursday afternoon.

The special public avalanche warning is in place until end of day Sunday for recreational backcountry users.

Officials said that particular regions are at risk because of low elevations, which means the snowpack at and below the tree line is more dangerous than the alpine.

“With this layer, the trees are not the safe haven they normal are,” explained Senior Avalanche Forecaster Grand Helgeson. “And identifying avalanche terrain in these lower elevations can be difficult.”

The warning is in place for the North Rockies, Cariboos, North and South Columbia, Glacier National Park, Purcells, South Rockies and the Lizard range.

Map of regions involved in warning
Map of regions involved in warning. Avalanche Canada

Those traveling to the backcountry are being reminded to use safe travel techniques and to avoid avalanche terrain at and below the treeline in the affected regions. Avalanche Canada said that in recent days there have been many close-calls and are concerned for people’s safety for the busy weekend ahead.

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“You need to be aware of the smaller slopes like cutblocks, roadcuts, gullies or even just openings in the trees,” he said. “This is where the weak layer will be a problem and where it’s primed for human-triggered avalanches”

Officials advised backcountry enthusiasts to carry essential rescue gear and know how to use it.

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Avalanche safety gear for backcountry enthusiasts
Avalanche safety gear for backcountry enthusiasts

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