Developer forced to backfill Capital Pointe site after losing appeal

Nearly seven years ago Regina got its first look at the $80 million Capital Point project. It offered residents a whole new world - the problem is Regina is still waiting for that promise to be realized. Dave Parsons / Global News

The City of Regina has won its appeal against the developer of Capital Pointe. Westgate Properties has been ordered to backfill the hole on Albert Street and Victoria Avenue.

According to the 14-page decision by the Saskatchewan Building and Accessibility Standards Appeal Board, the hole has to be filled by March 30, 2019 by Westgate Properties. If it is not filled by that day the city will be allowed to fill in the hole.

“We believe that we’re moving closer to a final conclusion. It’s been a long process and I think the taxpaying citizens of Regina want to see this conclusion brought forward. We’re pleased with the result so far, but we’re not finished yet,” said Regina Mayor Michael Fougere

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“We want to make sure the site is safe- both for the site itself and for the businesses around the area. We’ve acted as quick as we can. There was due process to go through, now we know that process is coming to a conclusion.”

Originally the Court of Queen’s Bench had heard and rejected the City of Regina’s appeal to have Capital Pointe backfilled.

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