Saskatoon Children’s Discovery Museum renamed Nutrien Wonderhub

Formerly the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum, the organization will now operate as Nutrien Wonderhub. / Screenshot

The Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum in Saskatoon is getting a new name before opening its doors in a matter of months.

On Wednesday, the museum changed its name to Nutrien Wonderhub.

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The rebrand also introduced the museum’s mascots, the Wonderhub Wondernauts, inspired by the Mendel building’s roofline.

Many of Nutrien Wonderhub’s brand elements pay tribute to the museum’s history and the Mendel building. / Screenshot

The project is 80 per cent complete, with an opening date set for later this spring.

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“It’s not very easy for, say a four-year-old to say, ‘Mom, I want to go to the Nutrien Children’s Discovery Museum on the Saskatchewan,’ but what is easy for kids to remember is something that’s creative, and short, and also descriptive – Wonderhub,” Amanda McReynolds Doran, Wonderhub’s executive director, said.

McReynolds Doran said the new name is also effective because it takes the word “museum” out of the title.

“Kids tend to think of a museum as something different than what we are. We are loud. We are active. We are hands-on,” McReynolds Doran explained.

Inspired by the bridges of Saskatoon, this sensory play environment that will be in the museum has been designed for children ages 0-36 months. / Screenshot

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The museum is also planning to hold adult-only nights.

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“Everybody in the community is going to have an opportunity to play with our exhibits and get back in touch with their childhood,” McReynolds Doran said.

The museum is expected to open later this spring. / Screenshot

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