Jayman BUILT 1st large builder in Alberta to install solar in every new home built

Click to play video: 'Alberta builder gets ready to install solar panels in every new home it builds'
Alberta builder gets ready to install solar panels in every new home it builds
WATCH: Jayman BUILT says it’s the first home builder in Alberta to install solar in every new home they build. Tomasia DaSilva explains why and the benefits to consumers and the company – Jan 21, 2019

Jayman BUILT is positioning itself as the first large builder in Alberta to include solar panels in every new single family home it builds.

The home builder is installing solar panels on the roofs of an estimated 750 homes a year across Alberta.

“Every homeowner, every home, will come standard with a six-panel system,” said Dave Desormeaux, Jayman BUILT’s president of single-family homes.

Calgary based company SkyFireEnergy will be installing the panels.

It started in Calgary back in 2001 when CEO David Kelly installed a small 600-watt solar system on the roof of his own home.

“We’ve come a long way,” Kelly said. “We’ve grown our business from one little home office to four offices.”

Four offices in three provinces, a sure sign of how much the industry has grown.

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The retail value of the solar panels to the home buyer is more than $5,000.

But Desormeaux said the customer won’t pay that. He said they’ll actually save money — a minimum of $200 annually in electricity costs.

“They’re not paying anything extra to have solar panels on their house,” Desormeaux said. “So the $200 savings — if they compare it to our competitors — it will be $200 additional savings.”

Buyers wanting to opt out of the solar panels won’t be able to as they are not an option; they’re a permanent feature going forward.

Jayman hopes they will be an important selling feature, especially at a time when home construction and sales are slow.

Solar experts at SAIT said thanks to provincial subsidies, solar is cheaper than ever and that’s helped attract companies to solar.

“There’s a significant movement towards solar in Alberta,” SAIT’s David Silburn said.

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Silburn added if other home builders adopt this program, it will also lead to more jobs and diversification for the province.

That has been the case for SkyFireEnergy. It has grown from a staff of 20 to more than 50 employees in just two years.

Kelly is looking forward to growing even more.

“Sky’s the limit.”

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