Drinks with your picnic? Calgary seeks public engagement on allowing liquor in city parks

Prince's Island Park . Credit: Getty Images

Should Calgarians be able to drink in the city’s parks? Whatever your answer, the city wants to hear it.

Between Jan. 17 and 31, Calgarians are being asked to offer their opinion on the possibility of allowing alcohol in designated picnic areas.

“If public response is positive, a pilot project could be launched this summer, allowing the city to fully assess the impacts and decide whether to allow liquor on an ongoing basis,” officials said in a news release Wednesday.

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The public engagement comes after residents expressed interest in the idea during the engagement session on the parks and pathway bylaw.

The city said liquor would be limited to the picnic areas and would have to be consumed with food, in accordance with AGLC regulations.

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Officials said public intoxication would not be tolerated and other bylaws, including the one which prohibits people from disturbing the use and enjoyment of another park user, will remain in place.

After gathering public feedback on designating four places for public marijuana use last year, the city decided to abandon the idea of establishing cannabis consumption spots in the city.

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