Flash from meteor flying over Okanagan Lake caught on dash cam

Click to play video 'Flash from overhead meteor caught on dash cam' Flash from overhead meteor caught on dash cam

An Okanagan man had the video to prove that what he saw in the sky over Okanagan Lake on Monday was more than just a tall tale.

Jeremiah Hyslop was on his way home to West Kelowna just after midnight when he saw a flash of light streak across the sky.

“At the time I actually thought it was an airplane going down because it was that size and shape,” Hyslop said.

When the streak of light quickly grew larger, he knew he was watching a meteor.

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“It flashed and then I realized it’s one of Mother Nature’s beauties,” he said.

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Hyslop was able to back up his story after accessing his dash camera video.

A streak of light can be seen crossing the sky from the north to the west despite streetlights glaring over the road throughout the video.

It glows brighter before disappearing altogether.

The entire experience took less than 10 seconds.

The celestial event was not as spectacular as some that have lit up dark skies around the world, but for Hyslop, it’s still special.

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“It’s one of those moments that makes the dashcam worth having,” he said.