About 30 restaurants closed by Manitoba Public Health in 2018

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From rodents to cold water, about 30 restaurants in Manitoba were closed for a period of time in 2018, mostly due to unsanitary conditions.

Below is a list of restaurants that had to shut down temporarily in Manitoba for 2018. In addition, several restaurants had to pay fines, including Cathay House, which had the largest total for fines at $1,860.55.

Shaun Jeffrey, executive director of the Manitoba Restaurant & Foodservices Association, told 680 CJOB Tuesday that restaurateurs are encouraged to work with public health inspectors to make sure they’re following all the rules and regulations.

He said his association has no quarrel with the work the inspectors do.

“The public health inspectors are more than fair,” he said.

“The run by a firm but fair motto, and give you an opportunity to correct these deficiencies, and as long as they’re corrected, they allow you to re-open in an acceptable time frame.

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“They’re out there making sure everyone’s safe and making sure that when you go to a restaurant, you’re going into a safe environment and you can enjoy your food without having to worry about these concerns.”


  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Sterling Lyon Parkway – Jan. 2-Jan. 3 – Failed to register before opening, operating without a permit
  • Dakota Community Centre Fieldhouse – Jan. 23-Jan. 25 – Operating without a permit
  • African Food General – Feb. 5-Feb. 6 – Operating without a permit, handle food under insanitary conditions, failure to ensure meat was inspected
  • Gizzy’s Restaurant & Lounge – Feb. 8-Feb. 12 – Poor general sanitation, no hot water, fail to properly sanitize utensils
  • Niakwa Pizza – Mar. 13-Mar. 15 – Poor general sanitation, surfaces and equipment not properly sanitized, staff washroom not clean
  • 99 Cent Pizza, 870 Main St. – Mar. 14 – Mar. 15 – Inadequate equipment and ventilation, poor sanitation, garbage, lack of hand hygiene
  • Pal Pizza – May 3-May 24 – Poor general sanitation, inoperative triple sink, lack of hand hygiene, untrained food handler
  • Cathay House, Regent Avenue – May 3-May 7-  Improper dishwasher, poor general sanitation
  • Popcha Tea House – May 9-May 10 – No hot water, missing sink drain plugs
  • Aaltos, Pembina Highway – June 5-June 5 – Handle, sell food under insanitary conditions, no running water
  • Tavern United, Pembina Highway – June 5-June 5 – Handle, sell food under insanitary conditions, no running water
  • Wok N’ Roll – July 4-July 9 – Improper dishwasher, surfaces not properly sanitized, failure to maintain safe temperatures of hazardous foods
  • Libson Bakery – July 26 – Aug 1 – Poor general sanitation
  • Super Taste Pizza – Aug. 22-Aug. 24 – Poor general sanitation
  • Thai Express, Polo Park – Sept. 5-Sept. 7 – Poor general sanitation
  • Opa Souvlaki, Polo Park – Sept. 5-Sept. 10 – Poor general sanitation
  • Baked Expectations – Sept. 20-Sept. 21 – No hot water
  • Cathay House – Oct. 25-Nov. 1 – Failure to prevent the presence of rodents, poor general sanitation
  • Dakota Family Foods – Dec. 14-Dec. 15 – No potable water

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  • Crystal Cafe – Aug 3-Aug 20 – Fail to register, operating without a permit


  • Bamboo Garden Restaurant – Apr. 5 – Apr. 10 – Operating without a permit, improper dishwasher, failure to provide approved sinks for washing and sanitization


  • Country Corner Cafe – May 30-June 1 – Poor general sanitation, preparing food under insanitary conditions


  • Riverton Motor Inn Restaurant – Feb. 2-Feb. 2 – Poor general sanitation


  • Chicken Delight, Main Street – June 28-June 29 – Malfunctioning cooler, lack of refrigeration


  • Jolly Green Thumb – Jul 23-Jul 31 – Operating without a permit


  • Brennivins Pizza Hus – Aug 10-Aug 11 – Failure to maintain safe temperature of hazardous food, improper dishwasher, poor flooring


  • Bobby Jo’s Ice Cream – Aug. 11 (Has not re-opened) – Operating without a permit
  • Nana’s Chilean Empanadas, Arnes Farmers’ Market – Aug. 11-Aug. 18 – Operating without a permit
  • Springroll Heaven & More, Arnes Farmers’ Market – Aug. 11-Aug. 18 – Operating without a permit


  • Friendship Chinese Restaurant – Aug. 14-Aug. 15 – Failure to maintain safe temperature of hazardous food, lack of functioning refrigeration


  • Sing Fei – Sept. 25-Sept. 26 – General unsanitary conditions, improper dishwasher

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