Adam Bros. Farming cauliflower, lettuce recalled due to possible E.Coli contamination

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WATCH: A sample of water from Adam Bros. Farming Inc. in Santa Maria, California was found to have been tainted with the strain of e-coli which has sickened 59 people across the United States thus far.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is recalling certain cauliflower, red leaf lettuce and green leaf lettuce produced by Adam Bros. Farming Inc., based in Santa Maria, Calif., due to a possible E.Coli contamination.

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Is it safe to eat romaine lettuce again?

The following products have been known to be sold in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador, though may have been sold in other provinces:

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  • Adam Brothers Family Farms Cauliflower (carton tag numbers include 203-27263 331-18, 203-27263 332-18, 203-27263 333-18, 203-27263 334-18, 203-27268 334-18, 204-27268 332-18);
  • Green Leaf Lettuce, sold in bulk without a brand name (carton tag numbers include 204-27247 331-18, 253-27268 331-18, 204-27268 331-18, 204-27268 332-18);
  • Red Leaf lettuce, also sold in bulk without a brand name ( carton Tag Numbers include 253-27267 331-18, 204-27267 331-18, 203-27267 331-18).

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The packaging on these products does not always include the carton tag number, and shoppers should contact the location where it was sold before consuming.

It’s important to note that while the food may not look or smell spoiled, it can still cause illness. Symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, mild to severe abdominal cramps and watery to bloody diarrhea.

In cases of severe illness, some people may have seizures or strokes, need blood transfusions and kidney dialysis or live with permanent kidney damage. In the most severe cases, people may die.

WATCH: Why is romaine lettuce unsafe?

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Why is romaine lettuce unsafe?

The recall was triggered by another recall in the U.S., which resulted from an investigation into a food-related outbreak of E. coli linked to the consumption of romaine lettuce.

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The product was imported by Courchesne Larose Ltd. in Anjou, QC, Dominion Citrus in Toronto, ON\, Fresh Taste Produce Limited in Milton, ON, and Fruits et Legumes Gaetan Bono Inc., in Montreal, QC.

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The CFIA is warning consumers, restaurants and institutions not to purchase, sell or consume these products.

The CFIA has verified that the product is being removed from store shelves.