Snow route parking ban penalties to increase in Calgary

Click to play video: 'Calgary City Council considers increasing snow route parking ban penalties' Calgary City Council considers increasing snow route parking ban penalties
WATCH: Calgarians may soon be paying more if they are caught leaving their vehicles in a snow route when a parking ban is called. The city is considering raising parking ban penalties with the hopes it will lead to greater compliance. Blake Lough reports – Dec 7, 2018

Snow route bans were introduced in Calgary in 2011. And now, the city is looking for ways to get greater compliance from citizens to move their vehicles when a ban is called.

So far this year there have been four snow route bans with an average of more than 2,000 tickets handed out during each event:

  • Feb. 5-7: 2,945 tickets
  • Feb. 10-12: 2,051 tickets
  • March 4-6: 1,750 tickets
  • Oct 3-6: 1,602 tickets

The city’s transportation committee is asking city council to approve an increase in the fine handed out from the current penalty of $75, which can be reduced to $40 with early payment. The proposed increase is $120 — with an early payment reduction to $80 — something Councillor Joe Magliocca says is not enough

“Why only $120, they will never learn,” the Ward 2 councillor said. “I’ve got certain areas, they just park it on the road and to move it they have to get a battery charger and $120 is easier than parking it somewhere else”

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Magliocca told the committee Thursday he’d even like to see a graduated fine system where each offence brings a higher penalty.

Others on the Transportation committee disagreed. Evan Woolley believes the amount being proposed by administration should act as a deterrent.

“$120 is a lot of money. You know, we can look forever and a day at what the amount is and should be. I wouldn’t want to pay $120 — I’d take the time to move my car.”

Some vehicles have been towed during a snow route ban, but in a report to the committee it’s said to be impractical.

The $120 ticket will match what is handed out when vehicles aren’t moved off the street during spring street sweeping.

The proposal goes to city council for approval on December 17th.

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