Chilly temperatures freeze landmark water fixture in Osoyoos

It was so cold in Osoyoos, B.C. on Tuesday night that the town's landmark fountain completely froze. Courtesy: Darlene Lillies

Residents across the Okanagan Valley are feeling the winter chill as an arctic high pressure system sweeps over B.C. causing cold conditions across the region.

It was so cold in Osoyoos, B.C. on Wednesday that the large landmark water fountain in the centre of the town completely froze.

Global Okanagan Meteorologist Peter Quinlan said Osoyoos dipped back to -8 degrees Wednesday morning which felt like -10 degrees with the wind chill.

“Inanimate objects don’t feel wind chill, but the cold conditions during the day did cause ice to freeze on this fountain,” he said. “Above freezing temperatures during the day may have caused some melting as the mercury made it up to 3 degrees for an afternoon high.”

It’s expected to get even colder in the desert town, dropping to minus 14 Thursday night, with highs of zero.


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