Adopt A Pal: Chatty puppies looking for their new home

Click to play video 'More foster parents are needed: Manitoba Underdogs Rescue' More foster parents are needed: Manitoba Underdogs Rescue
WATCH: Manitoba Underdogs tells Global News Morning the importance of having foster parents available for the holidays – Dec 3, 2018

Every Monday on Adopt a Pal, Global News Morning features rescues in Manitoba to help them find forever homes.

This week, Manitoba Underdog Rescue joined Global News Morning with three puppies who were born under a deck — their mother was a stray.

Bones likes to quietly explore around a home to figure out the lay of the land.

When he wraps up his exploration, he hopes to find his cuddle buddy for a long period of relaxing. Bones is still learning the ropes when it comes to training, but can get along with kids, cats and other dogs.

Bones spent part of the morning on Adopt A Pal looking for his new home. Corey Callaghan / Global News

Potion is an independent pooch that likes to explore and knows what she wants in life. Potion can live with other dogs and cats and interacts well with kids.

Potion came to Global News Morning’s Adopt A Pal segment to find her new home. Corey Callaghan / Global News

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Salem loves to get all of the sleep she can get. When she is not sleeping, she explores as far as her curiosity can take her. When she is done, Salem is ready for a good cuddle, which will probably turn into a nap.

Salem is ready to find her new home in order to have a good nap. Corey Callaghan / Global News

While Manitoba Underdogs takes care of the many pooches, including the three above, the group is looking for more foster parents to help look after the dogs.

The group doesn’t have a main shelter, so the dogs are all taken care of by foster parents in their homes. More fosters can help with the holiday season coming up and help increase the number of long-term homes for rescues.

More information about Manitoba Underdogs’ adoption and fostering process can be found here.

WATCH: Manitoba Underdogs joins Global News Morning for Adopt A Pal

Click to play video 'Adopt A Pal: Manitoba Underdogs Rescue' Adopt A Pal: Manitoba Underdogs Rescue
Adopt A Pal: Manitoba Underdogs Rescue – Dec 3, 2018