Councillor Mammoliti released from hospital following brain surgery

TORONTO – Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti was released from hospital Tuesday after undergoing brain surgery.

Mammoliti was admitted to St. Michael’s Hospital in March after experiencing dizziness and suffering from an abnormality in his right eye, according to a press release.

After several tests, doctors discovered a condition that causes a miscommunication between the veins and arteries in the brain which, if left untreated, could have lead to a stroke, according to the press release.

It has been revealed he had what is called a dural fistula, a rare condition which the cause is unknown.

Dr. Julian Spears performed the successful operation last week.

“There are two ways of treating these fistulae, the one is minimally invasive which includes putting glue into the arteries and trying to disconnect it that way. That is called embolization,” said Dr. Spears.

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“The second way is a surgical disconnection where we open the skull, open the covering of the brain, look for the abnormal communication and clip it to disconnect it from the flow the brain,” he continued.

Mammoliti said he will make special arrangements to attend important Council votes, if cleared by doctors, while he recovers.

“I want to thank the staff and nurses of St. Michaels’s Hospital for saving my life,” Mammoliti said. “Doctors Spears and Vanek and the whole team of doctors were the ultimate professionals; I also wish to thank all the nurses who cared for me as well as the physiotherapists.”

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