Stockwell Day throws support behind BC Liberals in upcoming election

Stockwell Day is pictured next to Christy Clark.
Stockwell Day is pictured next to Christy Clark. Postmedia News

Former federal Conservative heavyweight Stockwell Day says the economic plan of the B.C. Conservative Party is not based on reality, and the Liberals are the only option in the upcoming provincial election.

Day says this the May 14th vote is probably B.C.’s most important election in 50 years.

He says when he was Alberta’s finance minister in the 1990s, he watched businesses and workers leave B.C. in droves to get away from the NDP government.

According to Day, New Democrat policies will be bad for B.C. — but the latest Angus Reid poll shows British Columbians are turning their backs on Christy Clark’s Liberals, giving the party a 25 per cent approval rating, down from 31 per cent a the beginning of the year.

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