Coolio unable to gain entry into Canada; misses Winnipeg show

Rapper Coolio arrives at Spike TV's "Guys Choice 2015" at Sony Pictures Studios on June 6, 2015 in Culver City, California. Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Fans who were at Winnipeg’s I Love the ’90s Tour Saturday were left out on ice, ice baby after one of their headliners wasn’t able to gain entry into the country.

American rapper Coolio was unable to gain entry into Canada and therefore wasn’t able to perform at the show, which included Vanilla Ice, Young MC, 2 Live Crew and Sisqo.

“Coolio was unable to enter Canada so the show went on without him,” said Alayne Nott, True North Sports & Entertainment’s entertainment marketing director.

Coolio’s manager, Jarel Posey of JStar Entertainment, said the rapper was not denied entry, however there was “uncertainty” around whether paperwork needed for approval for entry would be completed on time.

“So there was a executive decision to just pull him,” said Posey in an email to Global News.

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Coolio was denied entry into Canada in 2013, due to a gun charge from 1997. The Gangsta’s Paradise singer had to cancel several stops on his tour at the time.

Coolio has also been previously denied entrance to Australia due to a drug charge in 2009.

Fans on social media expressed their displeasure at missing out on hearing Gangsta’s Paradise live, while others were concerned for the artist’s safety.

Fan Jessica Knoblauch wrote to Global News, expressing her disappointment.

“During the show, at the edge of our seats we are anxiously waiting for the entrance of coolio. Before we knew it, Vanilla Ice took the stage and at that point we realized Coolio Wasn’t performing.

“There was no mention of Coolio cancelling his show, being double booked, being unable to cross the US border or any other reason until social media comments took place after the concert had ended.

So what happened to him? Why didn’t he show up or make an announcement that he wouldn’t be there? What’s the real reason Coolio was absent.. us fans all want to know. Not just myself and my mother-in-law. This Made for a disappointing evening,” she said.

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Here’s Gangsta’s Paradise for those of you who missed out.

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