Football, festivities and food: Grey Cup 2018 stats and facts

The Grey Cup Festival on Jasper Avenue. Nov. 22, 2018. Kirby Bourne/630 CHED

It’s no small feat to put on the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup championship game and the Grey Cup Festival leading up to Sunday’s big game in Edmonton.

As any sports fan can tell you, statistics are a big part of the fun. Here’s a few figures and factoids you may not know, from football to festivities and beyond:

Edmonton Eskimos

  • 1984: year Edmonton first hosted the Grey Cup
  • 14: number of Edmonton Eskimo Grey Cup wins
  • 34: consecutive years the Edmonton Eskimos qualified for the playoffs (1972-2005)
  • 1965: year Bryan Hall called his first Edmonton Eskimo game
  • 0: number of games Bryan Hall missed during his 45 years as a play-by-play announcer
  • The team formerly known as: “Esquimaux” and the “Elks”
  • Mascots: Nanook and Punter
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Grey Cup

  • 18: number of appearances in the Grey Cup by an Ottawa club, including 2018
  • 17: number of appearances in the Grey Cup by the Calgary Stampeders, including 2018
  • 3: number of times Ottawa and Calgary have met prior to 2018 in the Grey Cup

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Shaw Conference Centre

  • 14,000 meals served in total (excluding concession)
  • 5,000+ concession meals per day
  • 28,000 pieces of bacon served in total
  • 820 pounds of eggs or 14,000 eggs in total
  • 6,600 hot dogs in total
  • 100 kilograms of locally sourced cheese curds in total
  • 7,000 pieces of pizza in total
  • 700 kilograms of beef short rib at the Grey Cup Dinner
  • 1,000 kilograms of locally sourced breakfast potatoes in total
  • 35,000 cans of pop for the bars in total
  • 9,500 bottles of pop for concessions in total
  • 8,510 cups of coffee in total

Spirit of Edmonton

  • 17: number of full-time volunteers who put on Spirit of Edmonton, with the help of 125-150 recruits from across Canada during the event
  • 12: number of meetings held annually
  • 45: number of years hosting the Spirit of Edmonton breakfast
  • 4,070: number of tickets purchased for two sold-out breakfast events
  • 500 litres: amount of “Sluice Juice” two tanks hold
  • According to chairman Gerry Haracsi, a Spirit of Edmonton breakfast ticket is tougher to get than a Grey Cup ticket

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