Russians dressed up as a cardboard bus attempt to cross vehicle-only bridge

A group of Russians dressed up as a bus get busted while crossing a vehicle-only bridge

A group of Russians dressed in a cardboard cutout of a bus tried to cross a vehicle-only bridge in the city of Vladivostok only to be “pulled over” by security.

Video posted on Monday shows four people wearing the cardboard cutout, while walking on the side of a live traffic lane, trying to cross the Zolotoy Bridge, according to the Moscow Times.

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The bridge has been closed to pedestrians since 2015 following several safety inspections, the newspaper reported.

Video recorded from a vehicle shows the group walking the “bus” alongside traffic before a security guard orders them to side of the bridge.

“Where did they come from?” a woman asks in the video, as translated by the Moscow Times. “This is beautiful, it’s art.”

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LOL. Good times!