Fox caught on camera ‘yelling’ at lynx in northern B.C.

Woman records Fox, Lynx seeming to ‘converse’ in Fort Nelson, BC
Allyson Rozak-Burgess was driving in Fort Nelson, B.C., when she encountered a fox and a lynx appearing to have some type of argument. She managed to take out her phone in time to film the interaction, which she said ended with the lynx eventually walking away.

What does the fox say?

Well, a “conversation” captured on camera in northern B.C. between a fox and a lynx shows at least one fox has quite a lot to say.

Allyson Rozak-Burgess was driving in Fort Nelson, B.C., along a resource road on Nov. 1, when she came around a corner and saw two shapes ahead.

“They were together on the road but you couldn’t tell what they were,” Rozak-Burgess told Global News.

Once they separated, she could see a fox and a lynx, squaring off.

“I parked, I grabbed my phone,” Rozak-Burgess said. She had never seen anything like it.

“It appeared the lynx was after the fox but I thought, ‘I can’t let that happen because I’m an animal lover.'”

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It was then she realized the fox was chasing off the lynx, something she was not expecting to see.

“I think the fox was guarding a den,” she said.

That’s when Rozak-Burgess starting hearing the fox “bark” and it appeared the two were having a conversation.

“It was amazing.”

From what she could tell, the lynx did take off into the trees and left the fox alone.

“I’ve seen a fox and a lynx before,” she said, having lived in northern B.C. all her life, “but I’ve never seen behaviour like that.”