No people, ‘furry family members’ inside when LTC bus hit vet clinic: staff

It's believed the incident happened early Wednesday morning. Dave Smith/Submitted

London police are investigating after a London Transit Commission bus crashed into a veterinary clinic on Oxford Street East near Waterloo Street.

Brent Barr, the business director at the North London Neighbourhood Pet Clinic tells 980 CFPL he received an alarm call around 12 a.m. Wednesday.

“A series of alarms had gone off, broken glass, door break and motion sensor,” he explained. Barr notified police, believing it to be a break and enter.

“About five minutes later, police called me back to say they were actually on site already dealing with an LTC bus that had actually gone into the building.”

The vet clinic’s business director got an alarm call around 12 a.m. Wednesday. Dave Smith/Submitted.

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Barr says no pets or people were inside the building when the crash happened.

“Everybody had gone home from the surgeries the night before, so there was no one in the building. There were no people, there were no furry family members.”

London police say they’re searching for the driver of a silver Volkswagen Jetta, who they say fled the scene after crashing with the bus in the intersection.

“The bus, from what I understand, was hit by a car going through a red light. And the bus, unfortunately, as a result of that impact, lost control and went up onto the property and into the side of the building.”

A member of the community sent 980 CFPL a video of a car on fire at the intersection of Oxford Street East and Waterloo Street. It’s unclear whether the vehicle is linked to the incident involving the bus.

WATCH: Car on fires at intersection of Waterloo and Oxford Street

Click to play video: 'Car catches fires at intersection of Waterloo and Oxford Street' Car catches fires at intersection of Waterloo and Oxford Street
Car catches fires at intersection of Waterloo and Oxford Street – Oct 31, 2018

The transit vehicle remains lodged in the front of the pet clinic hours after the incident happened. Barr said they’ll be getting a structural engineer to assess the integrity of the building, before it’s pulled out.

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He’s worried it may have struck a support beam.

“The actual bus is now sitting in our reception area at the clinic,” he said.

“It’s literally pushed all the way in, the length of the drivers cab would be in the building. The driver escaped through his window. But we have the folding doors… sticking in our building.”


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