Health Canada recalls birth control pill Alysena

If you had a prescription filled for the birth control pill, Alysena 28 day – you’ll want to check the lot number due to an urgent manufacturer recall.

According to Apotex, the manufacturer of the Alysena birth control pill, one package from Lot number LF 01899A in Eastern Canada had an issue with the placebos.  Normally Alysena provides one week of sugar (placebo) pills in the 28-day cycle, however this lot number contained two weeks/14 days.

Placebos are used in birth control packages so the patient remembers to take the pills consistently.

According to London Drugs’ blog, “this is a Type 2 recall from Health Canada and Apotex; which requires drug wholesalers and pharmacies to remove the inventory of the recalled produce.”

While the recall is currently a Type 2, London Drugs pharmacy has chosen to be proactive in contacting their patients who are currently taking the Alysena birth control pill.

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If you have any questions contact your physician or pharmacist.

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