Moose Jaw diner to be featured on popular Food Network show

One local diner is putting Saskatchewan on the map when it comes to comfort food. On Friday evening, Déjà Vu, a famed Moose Jaw restaurant, will be featured on Shaw TV’s national Food Network show, ‘You Gotta Eat Here.’

Déjà Vu’s signature meal is their famous homemade chicken strips – the perfect dish to lather up with their long list of sauces. But the owners don’t take all the creative credit.

Brandon Richardson, owner of Déjà Vu said, “A customer came up with the name ‘electric honey.’ All it is, is lemon pepper topped off with honey garlic sauce. When you look onto the meat, it looks like the lemon pepper is coming up. So electric honey.”

Not only do customers help name the sauces, they help create them too.

Richardson said, “If you want something, if we can do it, we’ll make the sauce up.”

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The restaurant also features an array of fried dishes including fried bananas, cheesecake, chocolate bars and pickles.

The owner says the TV show buzz is already helping business.

“Last summer we had two busloads of chartered people from the States come up on their way down to Alberta,” said Richardson.

Déjà Vu is hosting a dinner buffet on Friday evening at Mosaic Place, where the show will be viewed as it airs live.

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