Vancouver vegans host fundraising dinner to buy Gertie the turkey a prosthetic leg

Money being raised for injured turkey’s prosthetic leg.
WATCH: Many of us will be counting our blessings this Thanksgiving. That will also include a turkey on Vancouver Island, and it's not just because "gertie" was saved from being part of the holiday meal. John Hua reports.

Gertie was supposed to be someone’s main course this Thanksgiving weekend. Instead, the turkey has become the shared cause of an entire community.

“She does have a lifelong disability but it did save her life in the end,” Michelle Singleton of A Home for Hooves Farm Sanctuary said.

Gertie was brought to the sanctuary in Duncan, B.C. after suffering a brutal leg injury about three weeks ago.

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“She jumped up on a hayrack and fell but her leg got caught. So she hung there for the whole evening,” Said Singleton. “The leg died and had to be amputated by a veterinarian.”

Shortly after, Zoe Peled of the Vancouver Vegan Resource Centre got to meet Gertie in person and decided she needed to help.

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“This is a way we can have turkey involved with Thanksgiving but keep them alive and even more so support them,” Peled said.

A dinner is being held in Vancouver Friday with part of the proceeds going to help buy Gertie a prosthetic leg.

“A Very Vegan Thanksgiving” is a collaboration including The Juice Truck, Meet, and Blue Heron Creamery. The event sold out in two days.

“There is a fellow in Victoria who makes prosthetics for humans and dogs,” Singleton explained. “Now he wants to take on the challenge of creating one for a turkey.”

So Gertie will be focusing on recovering this Thanksgiving. Thankfully, she’s proven to be much too tough to become a tasty meal.

WATCH: Vegan Thanksgiving meal fundraises for turkey’s new leg

Vegan Thanksgiving meal fundraises for turkey’s new leg
Vegan Thanksgiving meal fundraises for turkey’s new leg