Fewer donations has London Food Bank urging final food drive push

While last year's food drive collected 60-70,000 pounds of food, there is no goal this year. . 980 CFPL

The London Food Bank is hoping for some last-minute donations as they head into the final weekend of their 30th annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Glen Pearson, the food bank’s co-executive director, said they’re short 1,500 pounds compared to last year.

“That often happens in little food drives, sometimes they sag a bit … we always look for the big weekend that’s coming up, the Thanksgiving weekend, to catch up,” he said.

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“We’re asking people to really get out this weekend if they can,” he urged.

While the number of edible donations is lower than normal, Pearson suggested Londoners are finding a different way of stepping up.

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“They’re donating more money and asking us to get these fresh items,” he said.

“That’s not normal … some people are saying ‘because we can’t donate perishable items … take this money and put it towards perishable items.’ Bread, meat, fish, those kinds of things.”

Donations can be made at grocery stores and fire halls across the city, and the food bank’s Leathorne Street location until Monday.

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