Most Presto card holders taking advantage of TTC’s hop-on, hop-off transfer

Click to play video: 'Transit riders are now able to hop on and hop off because of TTC’s two-hour transfer option' Transit riders are now able to hop on and hop off because of TTC’s two-hour transfer option
TTC riders are happily tapping their Presto fare cards after the transit service launched its two-hour transfer option on Sunday. As Erica Vella reports, while some riders feel compelled to now pick up a Presto card, others say they will continue to purchase their Metro pass – Aug 26, 2018

The TTC’s “hop-on, hop-off” two-hour transfer initiative introduced last month is a hit with transit users.

New data released by Metrolinx reveals nearly three million transfers have taken place since it was launched on Aug. 26.

The regional transportation agency said 65 per cent of Presto card holders, equivalent to around 550,000 riders, have used the transfers so far.

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“This two-hour transfer makes transit more affordable and more efficient for people,” Mayor John Tory said in a media release.

“This helps riders do multiple errands or shop at different spots along their journey. It helps parents dropping kids off and then getting back on transit to go to work. It just makes common sense and I’m proud we were able to make it possible.”

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Customers who want to transfer within a two-hour time frame won’t be charged after tapping their Presto card to board another vehicle.

The city has invested $11 million to implement the plan this year, with an annual cost of $21 million after that.

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