Toronto business offers workout for your brain

Click to play video: 'Have you ever heard of a brain gym?'
Have you ever heard of a brain gym?
WATCH ABOVE: MINDSET Brain Gym in Yorkville offers drop-in classes catering to busy urban dwellers looking to improve their overall mental health and well-being through simple, guided meditation. Susan Hay has the story – Sep 10, 2018

I think it’s safe to say we all realize the health benefits of regular physical activity, but have you ever thought about going to the gym to actually workout your brain? Is there such a thing?

“When I tell people I’m going to a brain gym, they think it’s really cool,” said Debra Corbeil, member of MINDSET brain gym. “All of my friends are like what? What are you doing?”

Corbeil and her husband have been attending MINDSET in Yorkville on a regular basis since it opened in July.

“Just as you have a strength routine or a cardio routine, we also want you to have a mental routine though meditation,” explained Sean Finnell, co-founder of MINDSET.

The drop-in classes cater to busy urban dwellers looking to maximize their cognitive performance, strengthen resilience, and improve their overall mental health and well-being.

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“Just as you work out harder in a group class at the gym, you work out your brain a lot harder than you would at home,” said Finnell.

“At home I’ll do a few breaths and in five minutes my mind starts wandering,” said Corbeil.

At MINDSET you’ll find simple, guided meditation from the city’s leading teachers and wellness experts in an environment where every element has been carefully throughout — from soothing lighting to custom seating to essential oils –- giving members the best possible experience.

“We’ve partnered with a Toronto company that makes the Muse brain sensing headbands that uses EEG technology,” said Finnell.

“What we can do is actually measure the brain waves that you’re omitting.”

“Whether I’m tired, whether I’m upset, whether I have anxiety –- when I leave class, I just feel happy and calm,” said Corbeil.

“All the science has clearly demonstrated that you can change your brain,” said Finnell.

“Things like focus, concentration, creativity are not fixed but they’re actually able to be improved through mental exercise.”

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