Waterloo drivers reminded to exercise caution as kids return to classrooms

Waterloo police launched their annual Walk the Chalk event this week. Waterloo police

With the start of school less than a week away, local law enforcement agencies are reminding drivers to exercise caution as children and school buses return to the streets and the classrooms.

“Tuesday, the buses are going to start getting back on the road,” said OPP Acting Sgt. Ken Johnston in a Twitter video. “Give yourself some extra time because you are going to start to see buses. They are going to stop to pick up the kids and you need to make sure you follow the rules.”

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“Give yourself some extra time and give them lots of room.”

Johnston also asked drivers to remember to keep their focus on the road and not on their cell phones.

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“We always talk about it, but come Tuesday, you want to make sure you are not on that cell phone because one moment’s inattention, and you could cause somebody to lose their life,” he said.

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Waterloo police launched their annual “Walk the Chalk” event earlier this week.

The initiative asks parents and children to take a moment and head out along their path to school and write safety messages on the sidewalk for students to read on their way to the first day of school.

Waterloo police also provided some helpful tips for parents for a safer return to school for their children.

They suggest planning a safe route to and from school, crossing at designated crosswalks, and getting a plan ready for after-school pickup by family or friends.

Waterloo police are also reminding drivers to keep an eye out for kids as they walk down the streets.

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