Joe McFarland takes over the afternoon airwaves on 770 CHQR

Joe McFarland, in his new broadcast position as host of Calgary Today on 770 CHQR.
Joe McFarland, in his new broadcast position as host of Calgary Today on 770 CHQR. Global News

Yes, you read the headline correctly — I’ll be the new host of Calgary Today on Global News Radio 770 CHQR starting next week! Let me talk a little about how I arrived at this great place.

August has always been one of my favourite months of the year. I’ve always loved harvest season on the farm near Carmangay and nothing beats the fresh vegetables out of the garden at the supper table. As the leaves change colour, the football and baseball seasons are in full swing while the frost on the windshield reminds you that hockey season is just around the corner.

As it turns out, August has become a harbinger for change in my career, particularly here at 770 CHQR. I returned to the radio station in August 2010 as a reporter (my first stint came in 2007-2008) and was promoted to News Director in August 2013. It’s still hard to believe that five years have passed since I began that journey.

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Which brings me to today and the announcement that I’ll be taking the reigns as host of Calgary Today. As I said when I filled in for Angela Kokott just a couple of weeks ago, it’s an honour and a privilege to be sitting in the same chair as so many great hosts. There were many days spent on the tractor or combine, accompanied only by my lunch pail and the AM radio. And now I get to do it every day!

I’m extremely excited to join you, our faithful listeners, on this new journey. I will continue to grow the things that make Calgary Today the great show it is. As you’re driving home, we’ll aim to inform, entertain, enlighten and inspire you.

Don’t hesitate to drop me an email at or a line on Twitter (@JoeMcFarland). I’d love to hear what kinds of stories you want to hear us talk about, or what inspires you every day. I’ll start the conversation on Tuesday, September 4th starting at 3:30.

Thanks so much for reading and I can’t wait to join you for the new Calgary Today!