Tornado warning ended for all of southern Ontario: Environment Canada

WATCH ABOVE: Videos captured by storm chaser Mark Robinson of The Weather Network and by viewer Brandon Rowat, show a funnel cloud near Edgar in Ore-Medonte.

Environment Canada has ended the tornado warning for all regions southern Ontario Monday night after issuing and rescinding warnings across various parts of the province throughout the evening.

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The last tornado to be lifted, according to Environment Canada’s public alerts website, was for the Fenelon Falls region of Peterborough.The alert was lifted at approximately 11:30 p.m.

According to Environment Canada, meteorologists were tracking two severe thunderstorms Monday night that had the possibility of producing a tornado.

According to the weather agency, one of the storms produced a tornado which briefly touched down near Edgar in Oro-Medonte earlier in the evening.

The tornado warning was lifted for most regions by the weather agency at 9:08 p.m., on Monday evening, however, severe thunderstorm warnings remain in effect for the regions of Bancroft, Barrie, Kingston, Peterborough and Stirling. Environment Canada is watching for severe thunderstorm activity in several other regions, though have not yet issued warnings.

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Environment Canada issues tornado warnings when imminent or occurring thunderstorms are likely to produce or are producing tornadoes. Earlier in the evening, Environment Canada reported that the situation was potentially life-threatening and warned southern Ontario residents to take cover immediately.

The weather agency says tornadoes are often wrapped in rain and may not be visible. Officials say you should not wait to see a funnel cloud, but should take shelter immediately. “Remember, when thunder roars, go indoors!” the warning reads.

As Environment Canada issued and rescinded tornado warnings, residents posted images of the unusual weather to social media.

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