Vancouver firefighters cut response time by 28 seconds since last year

One man is dead following a fire in East Vancouver. Global News

When it comes to fighting fires, a quick response is crucial. Now, Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services says it’s reduced that response time significantly.

It’s taking firefighters 28 fewer seconds to roll out the door to a fire, from the time a call comes in, compared to last year.

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Spokesperson Jonathan Gormick said that while the number may seem small, it’s actually a big improvement.

“It’s little changes, things that make it faster from when we get the call to having a firefighter…have their personal protective equipment on, in the rig, having their seat belt done up before that truck starts moving,” he said.

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Gormick said that right now it takes a total of two minutes and 30 seconds for crews to get on the road. The goal they’re working towards is one minute and 45 seconds.

“We’d like to be on par with Edmonton, Calgary and better than some of the larger municipalities in Canada.”

He also said that it’s not one single change that has reduced the response time, but small, incremental improvements at the fire hall.

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“Like moving the busiest apparatus closest to the living quarters, so there’s the least amount of time for staff to travel from the living quarters to the apparatus.”

Gormick said that traffic congestion slows down response, especially with densification and more vehicles on the road.

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