Saskatoon’s newest zoo resident has a name

The newest Goeldi monkey at the Saskatoon zoo has been named Calli after an online vote. Saskatoon Zoo / Supplied

The newest resident at the Saskatoon zoo has a name.

An infant Goeldi monkey born on May 27 to Diego and Leah has been named Calli after zoo officials held an online vote.

“We wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone that participated in selecting the name Calli for the newest member of the Goeldi troop,” said zoo manager Tim Sinclair-Smith.

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Calli is short for Callimico, the species name.

Other choices were Maku, Tupi, and Sofia.

Sinclair-Smith said the zoo asked for the public to help choose the name so citizens can have a special connection with her as she grows.

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Diego, Leah and Calli can be viewed daily between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. local time at the monkey enclosure in the Kinsmen children’s zoo exhibit.

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