Owner blasts customer who gave Vancouver restaurant one-star review, accuses him of sexual misconduct

WATCH: A Vancouver restaurant owner is firing back after a scathing online review. Aaron McArthur reports.

The Rumpus Room on Main Street offers comfort food in an eclectic space.

It has a rating of 4.4 stars, according to Google Reviews.

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Most customers appear to have had good things to say about the restaurant, but a customer named Kal said staff must have been having an off-day during his visit, which he called “one of the worst customer service experiences” he has ever had.

His review is not what it seems, according to Rumpus Room owner Rachel Zottenberg.

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“When this review came in, I was pretty aware of everything that had gone on,” she said.

She fired back at the reviewer, accusing him of sexual misconduct.

Zottenberg accused the customer of making inappropriate advances towards a server and going so far as to corner her as she tried to leave the restroom.

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“Our restaurant was not having an off-day, we do not allow men or anyone for that matter to create uncomfortable environments for our staff or customers,” she replied.

The police weren’t called but the customer was asked to pay his bill and leave, Zottenberg said.

Zottenberg says she understands that a customer has every right to post a negative review online, but in this case she had to speak out to support her employee who is still shaken up by the incident.

The reaction online to Zottenberg’s post has been overwhelmingly positive. She says other servers have opened up to her about how they have been sexualized during their career.

“Hopefully this just opens up a dialogue where people start to understand consent and understand how to talk to each other about these things,” she said.

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