Expedia ranks Peterborough number 21 of most active cities in Canada

Expedia has ranked Peterborough 21 of the most Active Cities in Canada
WATCH: Expedia ranks Peterborough number 21 of most active cities in Canada.

American travel company Expedia has put out its list of Most active cities in Canada, and Peterborough is number 21.

“I’ve noticed a big increase in the amount of people that are signing up [to Goodlife], especially cause it’s summer, so a lot of people you would think would be camping or swimming or doing all those kinds of things, but we have a lot of people coming in on a daily basis, coming in and working out in the summer as well,” said Myka Wilson, fitness advisor at Goodlife.

Expedia based its rankings on a number of factors, including the number of marathons, hiking trails, bike paths and races, the per capita ratio of gyms, fitness and yoga studios, and the abundance of outdoor activities, such as kayaking and canoeing.

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“I think its pretty phenomenal we are ranked 21, we have a plethora of fitness facilities here, we have two Goodlife locations for such a small city, 24-hour fitness downtown, and we have the outdoor gym at Beavermead Park, which they just installed, and all the bike trails,” said Peterborough resident Graiden Vanderveen.

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So what’s the secret to Peterborough’s active lifestyle? Lloyd Graham from Peterborough Canoe and Paddle says there are a few things, including the creation of the seven-kilometre Peterborough Rotary Greenway trail.

“It was a start to safe bicycling, and allowed for a lot of exercise through the biking,” said Graham.

Another big factor, according to some, is the Trent Severn Waterway.

“The city has a river that runs through it and we have a lake, and for a very small fee of 20 bucks, 25 bucks, you can get out on the water and enjoy and get some upper body exercise with a kayak or lower body with a pedal boat,” added Graham.

“Four days a week I’m here with my wife – she does classes, I do the machines – so we’re fairly active, and the other two or three days of the week we ride bicycles, we go fishing, we do all sorts of stuff, so were very active” said Jim Davey, Peterborough resident.

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