Multiple moose sightings in northeast Calgary keep wildlife officials busy

Click to play video: 'Apple-stealing moose on the loose in northeast Calgary' Apple-stealing moose on the loose in northeast Calgary
WATCH: The animal visited Amy-Lynn Schrammel's yard, borrowed (and didn't return) some apples and took a nap – Jul 25, 2018

It was quite the sight for a woman new to a northeast Calgary neighbourhood: a moose chomping on the crab apples in her front yard.

Amy-Lynn Schrammel just moved to the area along Goddard Avenue and was shocked to see the animal two feet from her window on Wednesday.

“I have never seen a moose in my life, never mind in the inner city,” Schrammel said.

It’s like wildlife gave her a housewarming.

“I’m taking it as a great omen,” Schrammel said.

Amy-Lynn Schrammel was shocked to see a moose munching on apples in her yard. Courtesy: Amy-Lynn Schrammel

She kept her distance from the moose and then observed him walking over to her neighbour’s property to nap on the grass.

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She called 311 and Fish and Wildlife, but never got through. Then, she tried 911 twice but said she didn’t see anyone attend her call about the animal.

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Schrammel hopes the moose is taken care of and people heed its boundaries.

“I want to respect [the moose’s] space, but at the same time, it’s about the safety of the kids,” she said.
Amy-Lynn Schrammel was shocked to see a moose two feet from her window on Wednesday.
Amy-Lynn Schrammel was shocked to see a moose two feet from her window on Wednesday. Global News

This isn’t the first time a moose has been spotted in the area. Over the past couple of days, several people have reported seeing a moose in the neighbourhood — but it’s unclear whether it’s the same one.

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Another moose sighting

There was another moose sighting in the northeast community of  Bridgeland on Thursday.

WATCH: A moose made its way into Bridgeland Thursday morning – the second moose sighting in as many days. Joel Senick explains how wildlife officers want the public to act when one of the animals ventures into the city.

Click to play video: 'Moose seen on the loose for the second day in Calgary' Moose seen on the loose for the second day in Calgary
Moose seen on the loose for the second day in Calgary – Jul 26, 2018

Around 10 a.m. Kyle Lester, an Alberta Fish and Wildlife officer, said he received numerous calls about a moose on the loose.

According to Lester, this moose appeared to be a young calf that had probably lost its mother and was looking for a new home.

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Paul Wiebe, a resident of the area, said he often sees wildlife in the neighbourhood and enjoyed observing the moose Thursday morning.

“I love seeing them like this. I just love them and they’re really neat,” Wiebe said.

Lester said that though moose are generally gentle creatures, people should still maintain a distance of about 100 feet.

“Number one thing is: do not approach the moose, they’re wildlife, you don’t know what they’re going to do or how they’re going to react,” Lester said.

Fish and Wildlife officers could not confirm that the two sightings were of the same moose.

— With files from Alannah Page and Joel Senick

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