Edmonton International Fringe Festival 2018: show ratings and live eye cam

The Edmonton International Fringe Festival. Edmonton International Fringe Festival

The 37th edition of the Edmonton International Fringe Festival is underway in Old Strathcona.

On Aug. 16, the day the festival began, Fringe director of development and communications Bobbie O’Connor said the festival is keeping tabs on the smoky air, amid the wildfire situation in British Columbia and its impact on communities in Alberta. In the meantime, Fringe organizers are telling outdoor volunteers to take lots of breaks.

“We have an indoor VHQ (volunteer headquarters) where our volunteers can go and so we encourage them to go in and get some relief from the smoke,” O’Connor said. “Same thing for our staff: we have indoor green rooms for staff that they can come and take breaks in. And we’re also very fortunate that as an indoor festival… people can still attend a festival and just go see an indoor show.”

O’Connor said it is possible the outdoor performances could be affected.

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“Definitely, the individual performers have opportunities to say, opt out of busking if they want to take a break,” he said. “But we also monitor it regularly, our team, in making sure it is safe. And if ever there’s a time we think it gets to an unsafe number, then we will take appropriate measures.”

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As always, Global Edmonton’s Todd James will bring you nightly reviews of a number of shows. Todd will give each show a rating out of five.

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To view a quick list of the shows Todd has reviewed so far, look below.


6 Guitars

Don’t Frown at the Gown

Eddie Poe

Jake’s Gift


Hotel Vortruba


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Punch Up


Aim for the Heart

Balls of Yarns


Bushes in the Basement

Buyer and Cellar

Concord Floral

Cult Cycle

Daddy’s Boy

Every Story Ever Told

Everything’s Coming Up Chickens

Flute Loops

Flutter Bird

For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls & Bed Bug Bossa Nova (double feature)

Magical Mystery Detour 

Red Bastard: Lie with Me

The All New God is a Scottish Drag Queen

The Cast of the Irrelevant Show: Doing our Best

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The Zoo Story


She Was A Great Dad


Call Me Oz


All Kidding Aside

All Proceeds Go To

Awkward Hug

Tragedy: A Tragedy

The Alien Baby Play

Field Zoology 101

Full Moon Coming

Progressive Polygamists



A Brief History of Beer

Titanna Bowa: How to Succeed in Hollywood


Watch below: Videos from Global News’ coverage of the 2018 Edmonton International Fringe Festival

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–With files from Morgan Smith

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