Scott Thompson: In defending Putin, is Donald Trump a communist sympathizer?

U.S. director of intelligence Dan Coats issued a statement Saturday seeking to control the damage from an interview he gave in which he expressed surprise when the news broke that Trump was planning another Putin summit.

Considering his ongoing bromance with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, how is it Donald Trump has not been labelled a communist sympathizer?

Those of his generation remember the post-Second-WorldWar era, when anyone who uttered even close to what Trump has recently suggested in defending Russia would be blacklisted in business, let alone politics.

Some may argue Russia is no longer communist by definition, but are we really convinced about old KGBer Putin, especially considering Crimea and his support for the carnage in Syria?

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Why is it now acceptable for the leader of the free world to treat traditional enemies better than our allies? It’s not like Russia is a real threat or an economic powerhouse.

Trump returned home from his meeting with Putin, and Americans, along with most of the free world, were furious at his comments.

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Trump faces blowback over handling of Putin summit
Trump faces blowback over handling of Putin summit

WATCH: Trump faces blowback over handling of Putin summit

After back-tracking on what he said and with no record of his secret meeting with Putin, we know more about the affair from Russian media than we do from him.

So how should the president of the United States of America react? His was to call for another meeting with Putin.

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Will this next meeting be secret, too, like the last? Will we ever really know what was said or if anyone “misspoke” there, as he did in his press conference?

Since there doesn’t seem to be anything in this for America, and since we can’t prove there is anything in it for Trump, maybe he is a closet communist?

Scott Thompson is the host of The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.

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