Pierrefonds Boulevard construction has residents feeling trapped

Click to play video: 'Residents fuming over Pierrefonds Boulevard facelift' Residents fuming over Pierrefonds Boulevard facelift
WATCH ABOVE: Major roadwork is causing issues beyond traffic for some Pierrefonds residents. Global's Dan Spector reports – Jul 12, 2018

A usually busy stretch of Pierrefonds Boulevard has become a major construction site, and will remain that way until the fall.

“This is major construction of this stretch of Pierrefonds Boulevard between Sources and Gouin,” said Pierrefonds-Roxboro mayor Jim Beis.

There are large, medium and small excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks and more, all on the same block.

The work started in the late spring, but it’s really ramping up now.

“There will be a median in the middle that will be beautified, two lanes going southbound, three lanes going northbound, including a bus lane that will integrate into Gouin and allow folks to have better access to the train station,” Beis explained.

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The mayor said Pierrefonds has done everything possible to warn people in the area in advance and to try to minimize the impact on their daily lives, but it’s hard not to feel the effects of living next to such a large operation.

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“It’s disgusting, it’s horrible,” said Miriam Jammal, who lives in an adjacent apartment complex.

People living in the building say they regularly have their only exit blocked.

“It’s a traffic jam just to get into your house. At the business next door, it’s the same thing,” said resident Jeff Nadler.

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“I’m like, ‘You don’t see residents trying to leave their place?'” Jammal said. “It’s very, very bad. Very bad.”

Water pipes and sewers are also part of the work, and some say their water has been cut off repeatedly — at times with no advanced warning.

“Oh my god, I think six or seven times. Sometimes they post a paper saying it’s cut, and sometimes it’s just cut without them even telling you,” Jammal explained.

“I’m asking for their patience,” Beis said. “It’s difficult, I understand. When you have a job site of this magnitude, it’s going to cause inconveniences. I’d ask them to call the city as well if they have issues, especially if it involves the contractor. Then we can intervene.”

Beis said the stretch of Pierrefonds Boulevard was one of the worst roads in the area. Though the work is set to go on until November, the hope is that on the other side lies a re-invigorated area.


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