City of Regina looking for contractor to fill Capital Pointe hole

A Request for Proposal has been submitted to SaskTenders, kicking off the process of filling the hole. Adrian Rabber / Global News

The City of Regina has begun the process of filling the Capital Pointe hole.

“The City has commenced a public procurement process to continue the work of filling the hole at 1971 Albert Street. A request for proposal has been issued and is available for viewing at,” city director of development services Louise Folk said in an email.

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The Request for Proposal (RFP) calls for contractors to “complete the remediation of the site located at 1971 Albert Street” and focuses on several big ticket issues:

  • Providing general contracting services.
  • Providing traffic accommodations.
  • Material hauling.
  • Backfilling existing excavation.
  • Removal of temporary shoring works.
  • Removal of site facilities and other debris.
  • Installation of concrete sidewalks.
  • Asphalt patching.
  • Providing project record documentation.
  • Other related works.

The city issued an order to fill the hole on April 3, saying the site had been “abandoned for months” and calling it unsafe.

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The builders appealed the order, and filed a stay of proceedings with the Saskatchewan Building and Accessibility Standards Board.

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The stay was denied May 25, which paved the way for the city to begin the process of filling the hole; something they said could take up to 17 weeks and 53,000 cubic meters of dirt.

“While the appeal of the order is ongoing, the Saskatchewan Building and Accessibility Standards Appeal Board declined to grant the owner a stay of the order. The City, therefore, continues to have legal authority to proceed with the work,” Folk said.

The appeal hearing, which will decide whether or not the City can force the builder to fill the hole began on June 18, and is scheduled to continue July 24.

The city said they will not be commenting further on the RFP or the appeal, which is a part of an ongoing legal process.

The RFP opened July 10, and will close on August 10, 2018.