Bill Kelly: Mike Duffy’s lawsuit exposes an elitist Senate

Click to play video: 'Senator Mike Duffy avoids questions about possible lawsuit against Senate' Senator Mike Duffy avoids questions about possible lawsuit against Senate
Sen. Mike Duffy avoided questions about a lawsuit he has filed against the Senate of Canada as he left court on Wednesday. The court in the midst of deciding whether his lawsuit can go forward – Jun 27, 2018

Senator Mike Duffy is suing the Canadian Senate for $7.8 million for the way it handled the expense account scandal a few years ago.

The criminal charges against Duffy, including fraud, breach of trust and accepting a bribe, were tossed out in a criminal trial when Duffy was found not guilty, and now he wants his pound of flesh.

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If the lawsuit goes ahead, it will shine the light on a Canadian Senate that is well entrenched in its elitist attitude; even Wednesday, the Senate’s lawyer said that if the Senate was wrong, it’s up to the Senate to determine that, and determine what, if any punitive action should be taken.

So much for accountability and oversight!

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Duffy is arguing that he was unfairly suspended by the Senate without pay in 2013.

His case has yet to be proven in court.

But multiple reports in recent years paint a picture of a Senate with tenuous rules and standards and a spotty track record of enforcing those lax standards.

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If Duffy’s civil lawsuit is successful, it should re-ignite the discussion for much-needed reform of what has become an elitist and out of touch Canadian Senate.

Bill Kelly is the host of the Bill Kelly Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.

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