June 26, 2018 11:00 am
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Donald Trump again lashes out at Justin Trudeau and G7 summit: ‘What’s your problem, Justin?’

ABOVE: Trump claims Air Force One has TV’s in closets during attack on Trudeau


U.S. President Donald Trump again complained about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his G7 Summit speech while boasting about how many televisions Air Force One has.

During a campaign rally in South Carolina on Monday, Trump launched into a rant about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Canada’s dairy industry and the G7 summit.

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“Canada! Nice guy, nice guy, prime minister Justin. I say, ‘Justin, what’s your problem, Justin?’” Trump tells the crowd. “So, Canada. Oh Canada, I love their national anthem, O Canada. I like ours better, however. No, Canada’s great, I love Canada.”

The president told the crowd that the world leaders at the G7 summit were “in love” and how he made “some change” to an agreement signed by the world leaders during their meeting in Quebec earlier this month.

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“I left and everybody was happy,” Trump said. “I get onto Air Force One, and he doesn’t understand that Air Force One has 22 televisions. They have televisions in closets they have televisions in areas that no place has televisions, unlimited budget Air Force One.

“So I get onto the plane and I see Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, saying ‘Canada will not be bullied by the United States,’ I said ‘What are we doing here?’” Trump said.

Following Trump’s departure from the G7 summit, the president launched into a multi-day tirade over trade and Canada’s response to tariffs imposed by the Trump administration. The issue of trade was the most controversial heading into the G7 summit in La Malbaie, with Trump launching multiple barbs in Canada’s direction in the days leading up to his arrival.

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“That fact is that Canada has a 275 per cent tariff on dairy products, little thing called dairy products,” Trump told the crowd Monday.

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Canada’s dairy sector is heavily sheltered under a government system which controls how much it produces and also sets prices that are far above those in the United States for domestic consumers. The system falls outside of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Trump, who has frequently threatened to walk away from the pact, is now threatening tariffs on auto imports.

“So, lumber is a disaster, energy is a disaster and I see Justin saying ‘We fought World War One together. We fought World War Two together,’ that’s true,” Trump said. “We love Canada, but Canada is charging almost 300 per cent tariffs on dairy products and many other things.

“I said, ‘Look if you wanna do that, we’re gonna put a little tariff on your cars coming in.’ And you know cars are a biggie,” the president said.

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