Convicted child predator Mark Bedford denied bail

Convicted on-line child predator Mark Bedford back in court
Kingston Police allege Mark Bedford breached several conditions of a peace bond. One of Bedford's original victims reacts to these new charges.

After an all-day bail hearing, convicted child sex offender Mark Bedford was not released on bail late Friday afternoon.

Bedford first appeared in court on June 8, after an investigation conducted between May 7 and June 7, led Kingston police to charge Bedford for breaching a public safety peace bond laid against him in January 2017.

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Of the 18 conditions of the peace bond, Kingston police allege Bedford breached five of them: accessing the internet; accessing digital storing devices; accessing social media; contacting minors by use of a computer; and by breaching the previous conditions, failing to keep the peace.

Bedford appeared in person at the Kingston court on Friday, wearing the same clothes he was arrested in on June 7.

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The details of Friday’s bail hearing are protected under a publication ban, and therefore cannot be reported on.

Bedford’s next court appearance will be July 3.

In 2008, Bedford was convicted of extortion, making and distributing child pornography, impersonation and criminal harassment for a multitude of instances involving girls under the age of 14. In one case, Bedford convinced a 12-year-old girl to commit an act of bestiality.

Although over dozens of witnesses originally came forward as victims, police say there were many more young women targeted in Canada and the U.K., making Bedford’s child pornography case one of the largest in Canada at the time.

WATCH: Judge orders public safety peace bond for Mark Bedford

Judge orders public safety peace bond for Mark Bedford
Judge orders public safety peace bond for Mark Bedford

In 2008, Bedford was sentenced to three years in jail and served his full sentence without parole. He was released in 2011 on a one-year peace bond, restrictions he did not appeal and that were imposed due to his likeliness to re-offend.

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Bedford failed to comply to some of the terms of that peace bond, was sent back to jail and released again in 2015 after serving his full 27-month sentence.

After his second release, Kingston police applied for another two-year peace bond with conditions much like those placed on him in 2011. Bedford appealed that bond, but a court ruled against him in early 2017 when the conditions of the release came into effect, the same conditions he is now in custody for allegedly breaching.

The most recent peace bond would have ended in August 2018.