Simulated emergency exercise to be held at Durham College and UOIT campus

Whitby, Ont. — The Region of Durham on Wednesday conducted a simulated emergency exercise at the Durham College and UOIT campus in Oshawa to rehearse what to do in the event of a problem at the nearby nuclear power station.

The exercise at the North Oshawa campus, which is part of the institution’s ongoing emergency management program, took place between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

“If there was an unlikely event at the nuclear plant, the evacuees would go through something similar to what we are doing,” said Warren Leonard, director of emergency management for Durham Region.

The exercise, an annual event, was held in partnership with Ontario Power Generation and City of Oshawa.

This year, in cooperation with those partners, Durham Region practised the opening and operating an emergency reception centre. Such a reception centre would open in the extremely unlikely event of an emergency at a nuclear station.


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