U.S. Customs pilot project expands to Waterton Lakes National Park

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is rolling out a new pilot program in Waterton Lakes National Park for pedestrians who will be crossing the Canada-U.S. border into Glacier National Park.

The Reporting Offsite Arrival-Mobile (ROAM) application, available for Apple and Android devices, will allow park visitors crossing into the U.S. via boat or on foot the ability to report their arrival to Customs officials remotely.

The program will launch on June 16 with four inspection kiosks stationed at the Waterton Cruise Company dock.

There, travellers can create a profile and declare their intended trip to the United States.

The ROAM app will also give boat passengers and hikers the option of reporting their arrival from any location via their smartphone.  The app enables a video conference with CBP officers.

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“This is an effective tool for CBP and its officers to facilitate legitimate trade and travel at a location that serves as a must-visit vacation destination,” said Area Port Director Daniel Escobedo.

“With technology available to ease the inspection process for the traveler, ROAM will strengthen border security in the Waterton and Glacier National Parks while allowing CBP to effectively complete its mission.”

CBP says traveller information can be easily saved within the app, or recreated for future border crossings.

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