Cannabis NB unveils appearance of storefront locations

WATCH: With marijuana legalization right around the corner, Global’s Todd Veinotte got a sneak peek at the new stores that will sell the drug.

With marijuana legalization around the corner, Cannabis NB is getting set to open across the province.

The new stores are sleek, modern and from the outside look like any small business. The layout and design is similar to some stores in the United States, where marijuana is legal. Upon entering, customers are greeted at reception. They then enter the main store, which will be a guided experience.

Cannabis NB is set to open 20 retail stores in 15 communities. Two hundred employees at locations across the province will have at least 100 hours training before the doors open. Ongoing training will be provided as the product line evolves.

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NB Liqour president and CEO Brian Harriman says turning a profit and growing the industry is not the priority.

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“It’s not our goal here to recruit and get more people to start using cannabis. It’s absolutely not the intention,” Harriman says.

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“What we do want to do for people who choose to use cannabis is to provide them a great shopping experience that’s safe, that’s controlled.”

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Legal cannabis stores worried about illegal operations
Legal cannabis stores worried about illegal operations

Initially, New Brunswick-based companies will supply the stores, but that will likely change once the product lineup expands and includes edibles and drinks.

Harriman says it will likely take a bit of time for the stigma of cannabis usage to lessen, but he thinks the store design and mandate is a step in the right direction.

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Customers of the Cannabis NB facilities will have to be at least 19 years old to purchase marijuana.