Tourist couple dies in Portugal after reportedly falling while taking selfie

Tourists fall to their death after reportedly taking selfie at Portuguese beach
Portuguese local media say the bodies of two tourists were found on a beach in Ericeira after they reportedly fell from a wall overlooking it when trying to take photos.

Two tourists fell to their deaths while reportedly taking selfies from a wall overlooking a beach in Portugal, authorities say.

The Correio da Manha newspaper reported Tuesday that the tourists’ bodies were found on a beach in the town of Ericeira, about 40 kilometres north of Lisbon, along with mobile phones, wallets and other possessions.

The bodies were found around 6:30 a.m. by a beach cleaner.

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“Since we found a mobile phone on the wall, everything suggests the victims might have been taking a selfie,” Rui Pereira da Terra, of the local naval authority, told broadcaster TVI.

Another explanation is that the couple fell when trying to recover a phone.

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One of the tourists was from Australia and the other was from the U.K.

Both Australia and the U.K.’s foreign affairs departments said they were coordinating with each other and assisting the families of the vicitms.

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According to Perth Now, the male was identified as Michael Kearns, originally from Perth, Australia.

His mother told the paper that the couple had left Australia in January and had attended a wedding in Portugal in recent weeks.

The woman was identified as his partner, Louise Benson.

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