Dogs rescued from South Korean meat farm land in Toronto

18 dogs saved from dog meat farm arrive in Toronto
WATCH ABOVE: The Humane Society International/Canada says 18 out of 51 dogs arrived in Canada Tuesday evening. The organization said the dogs were saved from a dog meat farm in South Korea.

More than 50 canines rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea are slated to be taken to Humane Society International/Canada‘s (HSI) Montreal emergency shelter by Thursday.

According to the organization, roughly 2,000,000 dogs are kept in 17,000 farming facilities in the country.

More than half of the rescued pups have already landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

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“We’ve rescued 18 yesterday and on this batch today, we rescued 18 adorable and loving souls,” said Julie MacInnis, a campaign manager with Humane Society International Canada, told Global News Tuesday evening.

“Some of them are a little more friendly, and others are a little more timid because of what they’ve been through.”

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HSI said its goal is to see an outright ban on the dog meat trade. The organization said many of the animals are kept in elevated wire cages with no room to roam.

“Dogs on dog meat farms are fed a really disgusting and stomach-churning mix of restaurant waste,” described MacInnis.

She said the canines will have to learn how to walk with a leash and play with toys since many were bred entirely for the purpose of human consumption.