Bob Layton: Team effort

Bob Layton says in the broadcasting business, you are part of a team, even though those who work behind the scenes may not get the recognition they deserve. Dvoinik / Getty Images

This week I had the privilege of being inducted into the Western Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

There is no greater honour than being recognized by your peers.

MCs will often introduce me by highlighting national editorial awards or the campaign to buy and equip Edmonton’s first police helicopter or something else I have been involved in.

The fact is, no-one in this business achieves anything alone.

The truth is, in this business you are part of a team, even though the other members who work behind the scenes may not get the recognition they truly deserve.

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I co-chaired the helicopter committee and there were many people involved in that movement, including all the people who gave their time or their treasure or their talents or bought lottery tickets to make it happen.

I write and deliver the editorials, but that’s only the first two steps.

They are brought to life on TV by a producer like Kevin Jesus, who knows what he wants, and a cameraman like Cam Cooke who sometimes adds lighting even when we are outside. There are editors who add the visuals and those who do the final vetting and add the finished product to each platform.

What you just watched was a total television team effort.

On the radio side, it was former 630 CHED Station Manager Doug Rutherford who first suggested I try writing editorials.

Today, I am fortunate to have a Program Director like Syd Smith, who watches from just outside the fire, offering words of wisdom and encouragement and caution.

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The most important member of my team is my wife, Marg, who can be my biggest fan or my toughest critic.

It is on behalf of the team, that I gratefully accept the award.

Bob Layton is the news manager of the Corus Edmonton group of radio stations.

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