Alberta’s Webb quadruplets avoiding the terrible twos

Parents talk about what it’s like raising quadruplets
WATCH ABOVE: The toddler years can be a handful with just one child. Now imagine the "terrible twos" times four -- that's the reality for the parents of Alberta's Webb quadruplets. But as Laurel Gregory explains, Tim and Bethani Webb wouldn't have it any other way.

Tim Webb has a confession; two years after the birth of his daughters he still needs help telling them apart.

“I can tell Emily apart from Abby. Because Emily is the biggest and Abby is the smallest. But when it comes to Abby and Grace or McKayla and Emily, I need to look at their earrings,” Tim Webb admitted.

The Webb Quadruplets: Abigail, Mckayla, Emily and Grace
The Webb Quadruplets: Abigail, Mckayla, Emily and Grace. Webb Quadruplets Updates/ Facebook

Abigail, Grace, McKayla and Emily were given different coloured earrings not long after they were born on May 6, 2016. They are identical quadruplets, conceived naturally.

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According to their nurse, the chances of it happening we like winning the lottery: one in 67 million.

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The Webb family was living with Tim’s mom in Hythe, Alta. but have recently moved into their own home. The girls are now split by birth order into two rooms.

While the family had lots of volunteers to help them out in the early days, mother Bethani Webb is pretty much on her own. The only places she dares to venture alone with the girls is to Grandma’s house.

“It’s kind of hectic but I manage. The nice thing is they play together, so they will run around with each other and occupy each other and that gives me a chance to get caught up on laundry and dishes, make supper and get everything ready for their nap,” Bethani said.

Tim has a second confession: his life is a lot less hectic.

“Going to work is a break. There’s no other way to put it. It’s a break from the chaos and the screaming and yelling and the, ‘mommy and the daddy’ and let’s go feed, let’s go night, night,” Tim explained.

The family’s biggest expenses are milk and diapers. The couple estimates they spend as much on diapers as they do their utility bills.

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The girls’ international attention has led to a sponsorship deal with Gerber. The company sends the family clothes. In return, Bethani takes photos of them in the clothes and shares the pictures with their over 270,000 followers on the Facebook page Webb Quadruplets Updates.

The girls found viral fame in January when they were caught in a one-and-a-half minute video hugging each other. As of May 31, the video had been viewed more than 68 million times.

WATCH BELOW: The Webb quadruplets went viral once again. The Alberta family posted a video of the girls hugging each other non-stop on Facebook. (January 2018).

Alberta’s Webb quadruplets can’t stop hugging
Alberta’s Webb quadruplets can’t stop hugging

“The best part is seeing them grow and change and seeing them interact with each other,” Bethani explained. “Seeing them get older and do things differently.

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“The hardest part, I dunno, is seeing them grow because they are not my little babies anymore. They’re becoming toddlers and little girls.”

The couple has been warned about the terrible twos, but have yet to see it.

“They’re more busy. I would call it the busy toddler thing more than anything. I don’t think it’s terrible yet. I would wait until about 13,” Tim said with a laugh.

His wife agrees.

“They’re very busy. They don’t like sitting still. They like to run wild. They still fight with each other but they still play with each other. They’re each others best friends, but also enemies. They like to fight over stuffed animals and toys and dolls. But otherwise they are good,” Bethani said.

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When Global News visited the couple in March 2017, they admitted they had not ruled out baby number five. They thought about trying for a boy. What about now?

“They keep me so busy. I couldn’t imagine having a newborn and these four,” Bethani said.

WATCH BELOW: Between feeding, changing diapers and tidying up, a new parent’s work is never done. Now imagine multiplying those constant demands by four. That’s just an average day in the life of Tim and Bethani Webb. Laurel Gregory has more. (March 2017). 

What does it take to raise identical quadruplets? Alberta couple explains
What does it take to raise identical quadruplets? Alberta couple explains