Calgary collector’s ‘museum’ of treasures up for sale

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Calgary collector’s ‘museum’ of treasures up for sale
WATCH: It's an impressive collection amassed over decades. A secret museum full of treasures kept only for friends and family. As Jill Croteau reports, the man behind it all is ready to reveal it to the public as he opens the doors to sell it all – May 31, 2018

It’s an impressive collection amassed over decades by 89-year-old Vic Halase.

Halase has carefully and lovingly cared for his found treasures over the years but is now ready to part with them.

89-year-old Vic Halase. Jill Croteau

In the late ’90s he built a warehouse in the Eastfield Industrial Area and turned it into a personal museum.

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It was a place only friends and family got the chance to see.

Vic Halase’s tractor collection. Jill Croteau

“To see the shock on their faces when they see it, they’d say ‘Holy cow!’ Halase’s son Ken said.

“But it’s getting to the point, his generation is getting older so it’s time to see things move on.”

Vic Halase’s collection. Jill Croteau

He has display cases lining the walls showcasing all his finds. Among his collectibles, vintage Calgary Stampede posters, model planes, tractors and fire trucks.

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He has antique toys, an old popcorn maker and several gumball machines. He is also selling his beautifully restored 1946 Wurlitzer jukebox. He also has a Coca-Cola and a John Wayne collection.

Vic Halase’s Wurlitzer jukeboxes. Jill Croteau

Ken and his sister Vicki Reed have been caring for their father’s treasures over the years.

“How do I explain it? It’s an obsession,” Reed said. “He likes to have something other people don’t.”

“Everywhere you look you see something of my dad.”

Vic Halase’s Coca-Cola collection. Jill Croteau

But Halase is losing his eyesight and can no longer appreciate his collection the way he used to.

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“He’s at the point he can’t hang onto a lot and he can’t come up the stairs to be here and enjoy it. He realized it’s time to let things go,” Reed said.

Antique cash register. Jill Croteau

Everything is going up for grabs in a weekend estate sale. Brian Lehman, an appraiser and estate sale professional, is organizing the event.

“It’s about a memory. Everyone wants to take a little piece of memory with them,” Lehman said. “They’re going to be buying a memory of Vic.”

The collection is worth nearly $200,000. The sale starts Friday morning and goes until Monday at 4850 35A Street SE.

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