Regina local pubs and bars to boast coasters to prevent sexual assault in Sask.

Coasters like these are in 13 Regina bars as part of the 2018 YWCA's Blame campaign. David Baxter/Global News

Heading into the May long weekend, people in Regina can expect some of their favourite pubs and bars boasting table coasters that aim to prevent sexual assault occurring throughout Saskatchewan in support of the 2018 Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign – Blamé.

The YWCA Regina advocacy committee has partnered with 13 different local bars and restaurants throughout the city for their 2018 Blamé Campaign.

Last year, the Campaign ran from May 23-30 and had nine different bars participating.

Beginning on May 17, the bars will be using “not asking for it” coasters and posters throughout their establishments. With a desire to have informed conversations with customers, the staff members of each establishment have been given information about sexual assault in Saskatchewan, and the pressing need to stop blaming the victims of sexual assault.

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The participating bars and restaurants that will be supporting the campaign include:

A report on sexual offences against children and youth provided by The Canadian Badgley Royal Commission said that one-in-three girls and one-in-six boys in Canada experience an unwanted sexual act.

In 2017, due to lack of space, YWCA Regina shelters said they had turned away more than 1,500 women and 800 children who were fleeing from violence.

The YWCA Regina is encouraging the community to share information about sexual assault on social media, including their campaign video below.

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