First thunderstorms of the year for southern Alberta expected Wednesday evening

Cloud to ground lightning strike.
Cloud to ground lightning strike. Kyle Mullen / Getty images

Calgary and Lethbridge could see thunderstorm activity late Wednesday.

Thundershowers began popping up south of the Canada/US border as well as in southeastern British Columbia and central Alberta late Wednesday afternoon.

The system south of the border is expected to produce evening thunderstorms in Lethbridge. A separate system in central Alberta has also been producing lightning and forecast models predict it will push rain and possibly thundershowers into the city of Calgary during the evening and early morning hours.

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The RPM forecast model suggests heavy downpours are possible in parts of southern Alberta, especially to the west of Calgary in Bragg Creek.

Total rainfall forecast by Midnight Friday
Total rainfall forecast by Midnight Friday Global News

If you see signs of an approaching thunderstorm take immediate safety precautions. Move indoors if possible and stay away from windows, waterlines and electrical devices. Stay indoors until it has been at least a half-hour since the last rumble of thunder.

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